Support the project

The Seven Volcanoes Project is privately funded and welcomes individual and corporate supporters. It operates on the basis that sponsorship funds cover the project's costs, which in turn allows personal donations to go directly to Cancer Research UK.  

Financial support will help pay for basic provisions, equipment and logistical costs in return for a combination of logo display opportunities during the project and media coverage. Seven Volcanoes Project is grateful for your support, be it financial, airmiles, equipment or otherwise.

What the Seven Volcanoes Project can offer in return for sponsorship:

Advanced Camp Sponsorship: US$10,000:

  • Photo of Sophie carrying sponsor’s logo or chosen product at the top of a chosen peak;
  • Medium-sized version of the sponsor's logo attached to all Sophie's climbing apparel; 
  • Sponsor's logo featured prominently on website;
  • Sponsor's name mentioned during media interviews;
  • Possibility of using the sponsor's product during the climbs, if appropriate.

Base Camp Sponsorship: US$5,000:

  • Sponsor's logo attached to Sophie's clothing;
  • Sponsor's logo featured on website;
  • Sponsor's name mentioned during media interviews;
  • Possibility of using the sponsor's products during the climbs, if appropriate.

Other ways to support:

$1000 is the average airfare per mountain

$400 covers average overland travel costs per mountain

$250 pays for a GPS tracking device

$180 covers a visa to Iran

$60 is the average cost of accommodation / night in cities on the route

$45 covers a visa to Russia or Tanzania, plus your name stencilled on climbing gear

$35 feeds Sophie for a day

$15 buys one day's worth of energy gels


What kind of media attention is the project likely to get?

The project has a very good chance of garnering significant media attention, for several reasons: when it comes to the Seven Summits, for example, each time a new speed record is set the press frequently take note. People have only just recently begun to take note of the 'Volcanic Seven', which comes over as a more innovative, fresh endeavour. As a former journalist Sophie also has an extensive network of media contacts which stretches from Europe to Hong Kong.

How safe is the project?

Precautions will naturally be taken to ensure Sophie's safety as far as possible. As far as physical safety goes, Sophie has received one-on-one tuition to brush up her moutaineering skills, and is tackling progressively harder mountains as she trains up. 

During the project itself, Sophie will be accompanied by a fully-qualified guide and will also carry a personal GPS through which she can be traced. This is important both for personal safety reasons as well as proof of completion of each summit.

Great care will be taken to avoid acute mountain sickness (AMS). While Seven Volcanoes Project is an attempt to break the speed record, health comes first and Sophie will descend at any sign of AMS. To date, Sophie has not suffered from serious AMS on previous climbs.

Sophie will also be covered by personal injury and evacuation insurance. Summit attempts will also be discouraged in the event of inclement weather.

What if you don't make the summit on the first attempt?

Where possible, Sophie will make a second attempt at the next opportunity.